Isolation and Eruption

We are staying home the majority of the time due to Covid. We love to watch Tik Toks and when we came across this cool one, I knew we needed to try it! We don't keep any cokes (we are southern so everything is a coke 😉) in the house so I bought 3 different… Continue reading Isolation and Eruption


Stomach Acid/Chewing Experiment

My previous blog post taught us how important our yucky slobber is in a fun, yummy experiment. Today will be another Digestion Experiment! For our "candy experiment" we used peppermints because that's all we had on hand. I'm all about trying to use what we have! Today's experiment, Experiment #3, comes from the same site… Continue reading Stomach Acid/Chewing Experiment


Color by Words

You've heard Color by Number right? Aside from all the pretty adult coloring books businesses have created to help those of us more, artistically challenged, they also make paint by number books and pages. All kinds of things. So why shouldn't we color (or paint) by words? My 5 year old is learning sight words.… Continue reading Color by Words


P.E., Home-school Style

Ya know what's awesome about home-schoolin'? Well, besides everything. You can do whatever you want. That is what makes it SO AMAZING. Kids' minds are little sponges and they are ALWAYS learning. Your child can expand their knowledge in so many things just within a daily walk or a hike. The world itself teaches us… Continue reading P.E., Home-school Style