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Throw the Rotten Apple Down

Genesis 3. The chapter in the Bible when things realllllly shifted. That sneaky little serpent showed up and showed out and here we are, eons later, still dealing with it. It. The serpent. The devil. The enemy. Satan. Whatever you want to call it. The enemy loves to sneak in and cause you to doubt… Continue reading Throw the Rotten Apple Down


Eating Soul Food

For over a decade I was in the dental field. Early on I began to notice a pattern. As I would review my patient's health histories, if there was a patient with-anxiety, depression, mood disorders, fibromyalgia (and of course the obvious like type 2 diabetes and heart issues)- they were typically overweight/obesity. If we are… Continue reading Eating Soul Food

Christian Mental Health

Defeat>Joy or Defeat<Joy

For me...tonight...the first choice is the winner. I worked on several projects literally ALL DAY, and I began to feel 100% destroyed and defeated. Joy is part of the name of my team. I'm thinking I typed the word COMPLETELY out of me. I know that is probably the stupidest thing anyone has ever read,… Continue reading Defeat>Joy or Defeat<Joy


Warrior Mama’s

Happy Mother’s Day!!! God bless all of you who are biological, adoptive or step mama’s. The women who are not Mom’s but are the special “Aunt” that friends kids or neighborhood kids turn to for love, comfort or advice. Women in general are Amazing! We can look to the Bible and see many important roles… Continue reading Warrior Mama’s


Butterflies and Jesus

Okay, so I don't think Jesus ever actually mentioned BUTTERFLIES in the Bible. But stay with me here, ok? Please!? Covid19 has touched everyone's lives in one way or another. Due to my and my daughters asthma, we are pretty strictly self-isolating. We have had a good family friend pass away due to covid, and… Continue reading Butterflies and Jesus